Hugo Car Insurance Review 2024 + Benefits & Contact!

Discover the groundbreaking features of Hugo car insurance with our in-depth 2024 review. Uncover the advantages of their innovative pay-per-mile model, including flexible coverage, instant quotes, and exclusive savings for low-mileage drivers.

In the world of auto insurance, Hugo Insurance is a relative newcomer. The Insurtech business presented its beta platform in 2020 and officially launched in January 2021. At the moment, the insurer provides drivers in the following 13 states with on-demand auto insurance: Alabama, Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Illinois, Indiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Texas. The driver can start or stop the insurance by their own choice.

How does Hugo’s auto insurance work?

Hugo provides drivers with flexible, on-demand coverage. Depending on the plan, policyholders may “micropay” for up to six months’ plan of coverage or just 3 day’ plan. Drivers can pay as they go with a $0 down payment and Hugo car insurance has no upfront fees. It just takes a few minutes to obtain coverage because of Hugo’s artificial intelligence-driven approach to insurance underwriting.

Unlike some pay-per-mile insurers, including Metromile, Hugo doesn’t use a telemetry system to monitor your driving behaviors. Safe drivers can save money with telematics programs, but if they brake sharply or take quick bends they can have to do more.

Hugo auto insurance coverage

Hugo offers three different coverage options:

  1. Flex: Drivers can purchase three, seven, fourteen, or thirty days of coverage at a time with Hugo car insurance Flex plan. Drivers have the flexibility to turn on or off coverage at any time after paying a predetermined number of days. For instance, a person can deactivate their coverage for a day on which they don’t intend to drive. The flex plan satisfies state minimum insurance requirements, however, it is inapplicable to those who have financed or leased cars and are required to maintain continuous full coverage. At the moment, only Illinois and California have flex plans.
  2. Unlimited Basic: Hugo’s base plan has characteristics similar to the flex plan, except it does not allow drivers to choose when to pause or resume coverage. In addition to coverage for a full six months, drivers can obtain coverage in the same intervals of three, seven, fourteen, or thirty days. The basic Hugo Car Insurance plan also offers medical coverage and accidental death coverage in addition to liability coverage. Hugo is presently available in all states where unlimited basic is offered.
  3. Unlimited Full: Hugo has a “full-coverage” policy in existence. While different insurers may have different definitions of “full coverage,” in Hugo’s instance, it refers to coverage for comprehensive, collision, medical, and accidental death in addition to liability insurance. Drivers have the option to get coverage every 3, 7, 14, or 30 days or six months.

Hugo Car Insurance Average Cost

For the Average Quote: Liability Only for Hugo Car Insurance is $47. For the Average Quote: Full Coverage for Hugo Car Insurance is $57. For the Average Quote: Liability Only for National Average Car Insurance is $103. For the Average Quote: Full Coverage for National Average Car Insurance is $208.

Average Quote: Liability Only Average Quote: Full Coverage
Hugo $47 $57
National Average $103 $208

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Hugo Car Insurance


Car Insurance Quote From Hugo

You can use Hugo’s official website to submit a quote request for a quote from Hugo. In addition to receiving a customized quotation from Hugo Car Insurance, you will also receive rates from other comparable auto insurance providers. This makes it simple to compare multiple insurers at the same time and choose the coverage that best suits your needs.

The official website:

Customer Review

Hugo has gained a 4.8 rating on Trustpilot. Pleasured policyholders claimed Hugo made it simple to obtain economical same-day insurance coverage. Hugo’s website was similarly easy for customers to navigate.

Hugo Car Insurance


Hugo Car Insurance offers flexible, short-term, on-demand auto insurance. Its plans can enable you to save money on auto insurance if you don’t drive frequently.


      Q.1) Is Hugo Car Insurance real?

Ans. Yes, Hugo Car Insurance is a legitimate insurance company that started its policy in 2020. The first policy was launched in Illinois, and thereafter other 12 states.

      Q.2) what basis is Hugo Car Insurance worth it?

Ans. Hugo is worth it for you will depend on a variety of factors, such as your location, driving style, and insurance requirements.

    Q.3) What is the grace period of Hugo Insurance Policy?

Ans. The warning period is 10 10-day grace period of your last billing period in the Hugo Car Insurance Policy. This is mandatory for all categories.

   Q.4) What is the Average cost of Hugo Insurance?

Ans. Hugo typically costs $57 per month for full coverage and $47 for liability-only coverage. But this depends upon the period you choose.

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