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GEICO is a well-renowned insurance company that extends its policy to a wide range of fields. One of its offerings is rental insurance coverage. The best part about Geico rental car insurance is that the provisions have already been made for rental vehicles the moment you opt for auto insurance policies. This implies that you don’t have to purchase any other policy.

If you have an existing liability insurance with Geico rental car insurance then it may get extended to any cars that you plan on renting. This implies you don’t have to go through the hassle of buying any kind of car insurance from the rental company in the first place. GEICO’s coverage on rental car insurance highly depends on the policy of the company. Let us discuss more about it in the article.

Areas Covered Under Geico rental car insurance

The following are the areas that are usually covered under GEICO rental insurance:

1.    Liability Insurance

Liability insurance is the basic form of Geico rental car insurance. The majority of the auto insurance policies on a certain vehicle tend to cover common areas like liability coverage in the rental.

2.    Personal Effects Coverage

This coverage comes into play if certain items from your rental cars get stolen. So if you want to opt for this coverage, ensure that your pre-acquired policy doesn’t cover this.

3.    Personal Accident Insurance

Under this insurance, if you meet with an accident while you are driving a rental car, the medical bills are covered. However, if your auto insurance policy already consists of medical coverage then you need not opt for this insurance.

4.    Loss Damage Waiver/ Collision Damage Waiver

These are more of a kind of waiver and not insurance products. Under this waiver, if the rental car is damaged or stolen then the responsibility for the same is transferred to the company instead of you.

How to Add Rental Cars to Insurance in Geico?

It is important to understand that rental car insurance is provided along with the auto insurance policy. Through, Geico rental car insurance, you will be provided with insurance for the vehicle that you rent from a vehicle rental company.

However, it is important to know that there is a key difference between rental insurance and rental reimbursement. Rental insurance is just like car insurance but for rented vehicles and rental reimbursement implies reimbursing the cost of the vehicle when it is going under repair from the damage that gets covered under your auto insurance policy.

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Geico rental car insurance coverage

How Long Will Geico rental car insurance Pay For Rental Cars After Total Loss?

After you have incurred a total loss, Geico rental car insurance will pay approximately for one and a half weeks. For this, there are prerequisites that you need to follow. You should first file for the claim and follow up by scheduling a reserve rental and damage inspection.

In case you have lost the vehicle then you are required to acquire a copy from the State’s Department of Motor Vehicles. After this, you need to collect your belongings and then for payment, you need to sign the paperwork.

Types of Rental Car Insurance

In terms of rental car insurance, the following are a few names:

  1. Rental Car Reimbursement Coverage

It is a unique kind of coverage that plays a role in covering the cost of renting as a whole. Let’s say you have crashed your rented vehicle and it demands repair then in such cases GEICO should cover the cost of the repair. It is an optional coverage that you may or may not opt for.

2. Full Coverage Rental Car Insurance

in case your ordinary vehicle has full coverage car insurance and after you rent a vehicle then GEICO will offer full coverage car insurance to that vehicle as well. However, the application of this policy may vary yet some of the factors that it should cover are vehicle theft, damage caused to the vehicle, or damages incurred by others because of you driving the rental vehicle.

What Is Not Covered?

Under GEICO rental insurance, there are certain exclusions that you need to be mindful of. The offers that are excluded from the rental insurance are the cost of gas, mileage, security deposit asked by the rental company, or any other additional cost. However, there will be rental car providers who will ask you regarding the purchase of additional insurance so that you will have the liberty to decide on what you want for your vehicle.

Potential Reasons To Consider A Separate Rental Insurance Policy

Irrespective of whether you have an auto insurance policy or not, you should always have an additional policy for your rental cars. Some of the reasons to consider a separate rental insurance policy are as follows:

1.    Low coverage

If you feel that after getting GEICO’s coverage, there are other packages that you still don’t have like personal accident insurance, you should get secured by going for additional coverage from either your company or the rental company.

2.    Renting an Expensive Vehicle

If you have rented a luxury car, your auto insurance will only be liable to cover the rental to your car’s limit. This is where a separate rental insurance policy comes into play.

3.    High Deductibles

Some companies offer high deductibles. This is why it is a wise decision to go for a definitive rental insurance policy.

4.    Avoiding Claims on Insurance

When there are multiple claims on your insurance for a relatively shorter time, your insurance premiums will explode. So in case you have recently claimed on your company then it is recommended that you thread caution. You are recommended to not go for any additional purchase for rental policy hereby.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1) Do I need rental insurance?

Ans. If your rented vehicle holds more value than the primary vehicle then it is recommended to purchase rental insurance.

Q.2) Will Geico rental car insurance cover me if I use a rental car?

Ans. Yes, when you use a rental car, GECIO will cover you. To know more about it, you are recommended to contact the team and get your doubts cleared.

Q.3) Does Geico rental car insurance come with a grace period?

Ans. Yes, Geico rental car insurance comes with a grace period for its customers. Suppose you have paid within 9 days after the due date, in such cases no late fees will be implied. But if you don’t pay within the stipulated time from the original due date then you will receive a cancellation notice from GEICO within 14 days.


A credit card comes into play as well when you have bought your rental car by paying through a credit card itself. This is because your credit card may extend the benefit of rental car insurance to your care which means you don’t have to seek support from Geico rental car insurance. To ensure that your credit card offers the coverage, you are recommended to review your credit card documentation.

Thus, if you want to know if Geico rental car insurance offers a policy that can be extended to rental cars then you are recommended to contact the team of GEICO. However, this insurance company is known for extending liability insurance to all rental vehicles. So in simpler terms, if Geico rental car insurance has liability insurance, it can be extended to cover a car you plan to rent.

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