Everything You Need to Know About Cargo Insurance Florida

Accidents are unpredictable be it on the road or sea. When the cargo is in transit, it leads to damage. In terms of container sinking in the sea, to compensate for the loss of cargo owners, carrier liability will not be just enough. This is where cargo insurance Florida comes into effect.

In Florida, there are many businessmen. That deals with shipments through multiple modes of transportation be it air, road, or anything. While doing this, there are chances that the goods may get damaged or lost. This is where cargo insurance comes into play where the cargo owners can carry the heavy loss and compensate for that.

What Exactly is Cargo Insurance?

If you deal with something cargo-related then cargo insurance Florida is a must. This is because it will help in covering most of the loss or damage caused to cargo. While talking about what all the insurance will cover, it mainly circles on cargo renunciation, vehicle accidents, and any damage that is the result of some natural calamity.

What are The Types of Cargo Insurance?

The following are the types of cargo insurance Florida that are available:

1. Marine Cargo Insurance

When the cargo shipment operates on international sea routes. If there are bad weather conditions, piracies, and loading and unloading of goods your cargo faces damages for that then in such cases Marine Cargo insurance comes into play.

2. Land Cargo Insurance

The cargo that uses the road as its mode of transportation is covered under land Cargo insurance. Under this insurance, incidents such as collision damages, and thefts are covered. It applies to goods that are exclusively operated under the geographical boundaries of the country.


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What are Policies Under cargo insurance Florida?

The following are the policies that are under cargo insurance Florida:-

1. Contingency Policies

If the consumer has a liability to bear the cargo insurance cost, it is known as a contingency policy. At times, customers tend to avoid liability for the damage and hesitate to accept goods.

All of this leads to the involvement of the law whose responsibility is to ask for payment to the consumer if it is proved that they are guilty. This is where contingency policies come into play as they help ensure that additional charges along with an ample amount of time are provided.

2. Single Coverage

Coverages that are offered on a single shipment basis are known as single coverage. It is mainly applicable to small business owners who have just started their entrepreneurship.

3. Free From Particular Average

It is also known as named peril policy and is known to cover most of the damages. Some of the inclusions under this are rough weather conditions, theft or piracy, unpredictable events, incurred damages because of sinking, or such.

4. Open Coverage

If the company sends its shipments through an airline mode of transportation then open coverage is required. It is applicable if the company deals with more than just one shipment in a year or a specific time frame.

cargo insurance Florida

What are the Inclusions Under Cargo Insurance?

In terms of inclusions, the following are said to be the inclusions under cargo insurance Florida:

1. Physical Damage Insurance

To protect your trailer, truck, and other equipment from any kind of harm, this type of insurance comes into play. The subcategories of this insurance are collision coverage and comprehensive coverage. In collision coverage, damages caused by accidents are typically covered and in comprehensive coverage, non-accident damages are covered.

2. Liability Insurance

If your truck causes any kind of damage to other people’s property then this can be covered under liability insurance. The mandatory requirements of law under liability insurance are property damage liability and bodily injury liability.

3. Non-Trucking liability insurance

In case you use your truck for purposes other than business then this is where non-trucking liability insurance comes into play. Some of the inclusions here are when you drive your truck after your shift is over.

4. Occupational Accident Insurance

If any accidents cause damage to the workers and the damage is not covered under workers’ compensation then this gets covered under occupational accident insurance.

5. Bobtail Insurance

If you are opening your truck without a trailer then this is where bobtail Insurance comes into play.

What Are The Exclusions Under Cargo Insurance?

The following tend to be excluded under cargo insurance:-

1. Transportation Mode Restriction

There is certain cargo insurance that only covers shipments through any kind of large utility vehicle, ship, or airplane. This means that certain modes of transportation are not covered under cargo insurance. This means the business should be aware of all the clauses that are mentioned in the policy.

2. Damage Caused Due to Shipment of Faulty Product

If the insurer confirms that the kind of goods that are sent are either broken or faulty then in such case the policy won’t be covering for the damages.

3. Damage Caused Due to Inappropriate Packaging

If it was discovered that the goods are not properly packaged, then in such case as well the cargo insurance won’t be covering the damages incurred due to Inappropriate packaging.

4. Does not Cover Certain Shipment

If you are dealing with any kind of delicate or hazardous goods then you should ensure whether your cargo insurance will cover it or not. This is because there are certain cargo insurance that do not cover this.

FAQs ( Frequently Asked Questions)

Q.1) What are the risks that cargo insurance Florida usually covers?

Ans. Some of the inclusions under cargo insurance in Florida are natural disasters, accidents, theft, and such.

Q.2) What exactly is cargo insurance Florida?

Ans. In Florida, cargo insurance offers financial protection to the goods that are in transit thereby covering potential damages.

Q.3) Is cargo insurance mandatory for businesses in the transportation sector of Florida?

Ans. Yes, businesses in Florida’s transportation sector must have cargo insurance.


If you are wondering about the cost of cargo insurance then technically it depends on several factors. So for cargo insurance Florida, it is important to analyze the factors that affect the cost of your cargo insurance. Thus, if you are a business that often ships and handles cross-border trades, you must opt for cargo insurance.

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