Allstate Car Insurance Reviews in Florida


Allstate Car Insurance is said to have a pool of agents to offer its service. It is ranked in the third position when it comes to auto insurers in the country. However, the fact that it’s not the cheapest must be taken into consideration. It was founded in 1931 and some of the services that Allstate offers are health, renters, pet, home, and auto insurance. If you want to get Allstate Car insurance for yourself, you may need to consider various factors that we will be discussing further in the article.

It has a wide network of 7,500 agents throughout the country and there are 199 agent offices in New Jersey itself. One of the unique factors of Allstate is that along with the basic coverage options, it also offers some additional coverage options. The perspective of whether Allstate is the best option for you or not depends on your choices.


The pros of Allstate insurance company are as follows:

  1. You can avail of several discount programs
  2. It offers coverage in multiple states
  3. It receives lower-than-average customer complaints
  4. It seeks the use of technological resource
  5. Provides claim satisfaction guarantee
  6. When you buy home and car insurance together, you get an average savings of 15%


There are certain things that you need to be aware of. They are as follows:

  1. It has higher-than-average prices
  2. If you are a good driver then the average rate tends to be higher
  3. After the first time, premiums tend to increase
  4. If you are a young or teen driver then you may experience a high interest rate

Types of car insurance policies offered by

Allstate offers the below-mentioned basic insurance options:

1. Comprehensive and collision coverage

Under this, expenses incurred after losing or a vehicle getting stolen are usually covered.

2. Underinsured motorist coverage

In case you are involved in an accident and the person who’s at fault doesn’t have any insurance then this coverage is applicable. furthermore, this coverage applies if the accident exceeds the coverage limit.

3. Medical payments coverage

As the name suggests, under this coverage expenses of your family member, you, and other passengers will get covered in case you are ever met with an accident and your vehicle has valid insurance.

4. Liability Coverage

If you are involved in an accident and you are at fault then in such cases you get covered under liability coverage.

Allstate Car Insurance Reviews in Florida

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Allstate Car Insurance Discounts

The following are some of the discounts that Allstate insurance company covers:

1. If you are a student, maintain your grades

It may be surprising but if you maintain your grades then you will be able to save money as Allstate offers discounts to students who have good grades.

2. Opt for a multi-policy discount

Customer loyalty is always appreciated through car discount offers. This is when you go for a multi-policy discount.

3. Have a safe driving record

If you have managed to have a driving record with a history of almost no accidents or traffic violations then you can avail of the discount.

4. Lower cost comes with low mileage

If you drive less than the average number of miles per year then you are liable for getting a discount. You may also get policies where your payments will be dictated by the number of miles you drive.

5. Allstate Car Buying Service

It has partnered up with Truecar so that it can offer competitive pricing on both new as well certified pre-owned vehicles. Upon estimation, it was found that customers can easily save up to $3,133 on brand-new cars and as far as used cars are concerned, they can get huge discounts which thereby will help in additional savings.

Additional Allstate Coverage Options

There are some unique coverages that Allstate offers. All of them are mentioned below:

1. New Car Replacement

In a situation when you buy a car the model of which is hardly two years old or even less, you can opt for this coverage. This is because Allstate tends to cover for a model year newer in case your car has been totaled in a covered accident.

2. Sound System Coverage

As the name suggests if you plan to upgrade your sound system or decide to certain audio or video equipment then in such cases under this coverage, the parts expenses are covered even if they are stolen or damaged.

3. Vanishing Deductible

Allstate has come up with a program named deductible rewards. Under this, if you go a year without even filing an insurance claim then you are liable for getting $100 towards deductible for each year. The maximum amount that you can avail is $500 and you are liable to increase it more in premiums in case you decide to choose to raise your deductible to offset the additional savings.

4. Allstate Safe Driving Bonus

When you go for six months without having any accidents on your driving record, you will be rewarded with a safe driving bonus. Allstate will send you a bonus check in the mail that you can use anytime you want.

5. RideShare Coverage

Drivers who are working with either Uber or Lyft or both can secure the protection of their vehicle under this coverage. It is usually offered in 47 states along with the District of Columbia.

Allstate Car Insurance Customer Reviews

Allstate facilitates an easy-to-file claim process and it is renowned for offering its service all over the nation. However, as compared to its competitors, it may charge a bit higher price. So if you are a driver who’s searching for convenient and feasible coverage, then you should go for Allstate Car Insurance. The National Association of Insurance Commission, or NAIC, has received average consumer complaints. Some of the common customer complaints may include policy cancellation, unsatisfactory claim settlements, or denials.

As compared to the other insurance companies in the industry then the customer satisfaction services will be either at or below average. In J.D. Power, customer service tends to have a strong reputation. But if you want overall insurance where you get feasible discount programs and coverage options, then Allstate can be a decent option.

Allstate Car Insurance Quotes by Age

Allstate Car Insurance Quotes are highly impacted by the Age factor. New or young drivers are expected to pay more coverage. Research shows that Allstate Car Insurance full-coverage tends to charge more insurance premiums than the national average.

The table below shows the average monthly and annual cost estimation for an Allstate car insurance policy.

Age Allstate Average Monthly Cost Estimate Allstate Average Annual Cost Estimate National Average Cost Estimate
16 $939 $11,263 $7,581
17 $567 $6,804 $5,612
18 $494 $5,925 $4,958
21 $275 $3,302 $2,786
25 $247 $2,958 $2,336


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1) Can Allstate Car Insurance be labeled as a good insurance company?

Ans. Allstate can be termed as a reliable insurance company as it has received an average customer satisfaction rate.

Q.2) In which countries Allstate offers insurance?

Ans. Allstate Insurance company offers insurance in the US and Canada.

Q.3) Are all the Allstate Car insurance rates competitive?

Ans. When compared, it was found that the car insurance rates of Allstate are above average.

Q.4) Is Allstate Car Insurance worth the hype?

Ans. The average rate of Allstate is comparatively more than the New Jersey statewide. So, the answer may depend on whether the company provides the services and offers where you want at a price that you can afford.


Allstate can be labeled as a reliable company with a wide list of coverage lists. However, it tends to be a bit higher in insurance rates as per other competitors. Allstate tends to offer standard coverage across the U.S. without multiple discount packages. This is all the information that was there to know, now that you have all the information, you are all set to opt for Allstate insurance company.

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