Full Coverage Car Insurance in Florida: Best & Cheapest

Explore the best and most affordable options for full coverage car insurance in Florida in 2024. We have answered the Best and Cheapest of all Car Insurance in Florida.

Finding the appropriate insurer is even more important because car insurance in Florida is among the most expensive in the country. Average prices for full coverage car insurance were as affordable as $151 a month, or $1,813 annually, according to our research. We took coverage options like cost, and stability of finances into account while selecting the best car insurance providers for drivers in Florida.

Cheapest full coverage car insurance in Florida

The table below shows the cheapest average rates for Florida full coverage car insurance.

Insurance company Average full coverage rate Average minimum coverage rate
Geico $3,285 $1,056
Progressive $3,034 $1,365
State Farm $3,250 $1,074
Allstate $4,063 $1,364

Average Cost of full coverage car insurance in Florida

Quadrant Information Services data indicates that the average annual cost of $1,307 of auto insurance in Florida is for a minimum of coverage and $3,941 for full coverage. If we compare to another national average of $2,542 and $740 per year.

Drivers in the Sunshine State come to incur the highest full coverage car insurance premiums in the nation, which is closely followed by New York and Louisiana. The state’s comparatively high in uninsured drivers, severe weather, and limited carrier availability are some of the factors contributing to Florida’s higher-than-average premiums.

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Full Coverage Car Insurance

How can you find the best insurance provider?

Every driver in Florida wishes to be insured by the best car insurance in Florida. Finding the best carrier depends on what kind of auto insurance you choose to prioritize, as each driver’s needs are unique and might vary depending on things like vehicle type and coverage requirements.

  • Consider minimum insurance requirements in Florida

Florida is a no-fault state that requires every person involved in an accident to file a claim with their own insurance company to have their initial medical costs paid for, even if they are not at fault. Property damage is the at-fault driver’s responsibility. Florida mandates the requirement of personal injury protection (PIP) and property damage coverage because state minimum car insurance laws are relatively unique.

  • Consider lender requirements

It’s possible that you need insurance for something other than the minimum amount of coverage required by the state if your car is financed or leased. Lenders and lessors typically need full coverage, which entails adding collision and comprehensive coverage to your insurance. Rather than only covering the damage you inflict on third parties. Additionally, lessors typically demand that you maintain liability limits higher than the state minimum.

  • Consider your individual needs

Each driver brings a set of different circumstances when it comes to auto insurance. The company, levels, and types of coverage, endorsements, and discounts you select may all be impacted by your circumstances. For instance, you might want to get quotations from insurers that provide student discounts if you have a teenage driver, as this could help you save money on your premium.

You can be viewed as a high-risk driver where your driving record includes many citations, accidents, DUI convictions, or any combination of these events. There cannot be as many options available when it comes to finding the best car insurance in Florida. In such a case, you do need some research to find the best fit.

The Bottom Line

Florida car insurance companies provide the best deal for you in many ways. You can also compare quotes from these companies, which are highly rated for customer satisfaction and offer affordable prices.


Q.1) What is the best & affordable car insurance in Florida?

Ans. State Farm and Progressive provide the best & cheapest full coverage car insurance in Florida. With an average of $3,250 & $3,034 respectively.

Q.2) How much full coverage car insurance rate is required in Florida?

Ans. The minimum coverage requirement is Personal Injury Protection and Property Damage Liability up to $10,000 each in Florida. It covered all the required policies.

Q.3) Why is auto insurance in Florida so expensive?

Ans. The state’s dense population, stormy weather patterns, and a large number of uninsured drivers make car insurance mandatory and expensive in Florida.

Q.4) Which insurance company has the highest customer satisfaction in Florida?

Ans. Allstate is the first & foremost insurance company that provides the best customer service and satisfaction with the highest rank in Florida.

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