All You Need to Know About short term rental insurance Florida

Industries like Airbnb have been growing drastically over the years and so has the concept of short-term rental. But the catch here is that short-term rentals tend to be hardly covered by the homeowner’s insurance. In Florida, this is where short term rental insurance Florida comes into play where the belongings of the homeowners will be financially secured.

To put it in simple words, short-term rentals are homes where the homeowners tend to make extra monetary benefits by letting travelers stay at a price less than the hotel. This will help the travelers get the secure feeling of home simultaneously, leading the homeowners to make some money on the way by renting their home for a short period. On the bright side, the homeowners will also benefit from liability protection.

What Exactly is short term rental insurance Florida

In situations where you are renting your home to guests for a short period and making some money out of it, short-term insurance comes into effect where not only your property but also your liability is secured. One such example that can simplify this is let’s suppose your guests get injured by something that is on your property and they demand compensation or sue you, in such case with the help of a short-term insurance plan, you will be covered financially.


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Coverages Under short term rental insurance Florida

Florida is termed to be one of the host places for tourists hence making it an excellent opportunity for all the landlords who want to make that extra dose of money. So if you are wondering about short term rental insurance Florida, then some of them are jotted and discussed below:

1. Property Insurance

Short-term rental insurance covers a vital part of your property which is your property itself. This insurance comes into play if the guest damages any of the items on your property while he is staying there.

2. Guest Liability Insurance

As discussed above if by any chance the guest gets injured while he is on your property then in such case the guest liability insurance comes into play. Another situation where this comes into play is when the guest damages someone else’s property while he or she is staying at your property.

3. Theft and Burglary 

As the name suggests, if there is any kind of break-in on the property then short-term insurance covers it. Simultaneously, if the situation where your renter has stolen something that belongs to your property then in such cases as well it gets reimbursed.

short term rental insurance Florida

Short term rental insurance Florida Exclusions

It’s important to know that all factors are not included under short term rental insurance Florida. They are as follows:

1. Intentionally Done Damage

As obvious as it is, if the renter does any kind of damage to the property with certain intentions then in such cases short-term rental insurance will not cover it.

2. Loss of Income

In situations where the homeowner is unable to rent out his property because of the damage to his property, let’s say house fire, then in such cases short-term rental insurance is not effective as well.

3. Wear and Tear

The regular wear and Tear that happens regularly are not covered under short-term rental insurance. This is so because all of this is considered the normal routine of maintenance.

4. Limited Theft Coverage

Although with short-term rental insurance, thefts are usually covered, however, it’s unlikely that the entire cost of certain valuables for instance cash or jewelry will be covered.

5. Property of the Guest

If the belongings of the guest are damaged, stolen, or even lost then short-term rental insurance doesn’t come into effect. One thing the guests can do is file a police complaint and get back their items.

Short term rental insurance Florida Cost

When deciding on short-term rental insurance costs, the price depends on many variables. For instance, property location, condition of the home, and even more. Some of the other factors that dictate the short term rental insurance Florida cost are crime rates where the property is located, construction materials types, credit-based insurance score, and some of the other elements that were used to build the home.

Short term rental insurance Florida Companies

Now that you have all the information about short term rental insurance Florida, let’s take a look at the companies that offer the same:

1. American Modern

If you are tending to rent your home for less than three months then in such cases American Modern is the right place because they offer a short-term rental insurance policy for the same period. Under this policy, any kind of replacement cost coverage for anything related to the building is done. Some of the add-on coverages that it offers are home equipment breakdown Burglary and theft.

2. Proper

For getting a short-term rental insurance plan ranging between $ 1 million and $2 million in case of liability insurance, property coverage, or income protection, Proper is your one-stop destination. Some of the policies that come under Proper are ‘bed bug protection ‘, and ‘squatter protection’.

3. Erie

People who have taken Erie home insurance policy, also enjoy the benefit of home-sharing coverage. Some of the factors that are covered under this policy are theft, liability claims, and property damage.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q.1) Does my home insurance cover my short term rental insurance Florida too?

Ans. No, your home insurance doesn’t cover your short term rental insurance Florida

Q.2) Does my condo insurance cover home sharing too?

Ans. No, if you are renting your condo to short-term rental guests, your condo insurance will not cover it.

Q.3) Who should opt for getting short term rental insurance Florida?

Ans. If you often rent out your property through any kind of home-sharing platform, let’s say Airbnb, then in such cases you should be getting a short-term rental insurance policy as soon as possible.


Hence, if you are someone who usually rents out your place through any kind of home-sharing platform then in such case it is a wise decision to get a short term rental insurance Florida policy. When you are renting out your place to strangers through Airbnb or anything, you are standing a chance of your property getting damaged. You can handle this easily when you have a legit short-term rental insurance policy from a good company.

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