Progressive Car Insurance Review in Florida


One of the largest car insurance companies to have ever existed is Progressive Car Insurance. Up till now, it has served more than 20 million drivers. This insurance can be easily used and comes with multiple features and resources. It has been offering car insurance services since 1937. It comes with competitive pricing and is known to offer second-lowest quotes along with reasonable deductibles.

Features of Progressive

The following are the features of Progressive:

1.    Range of Coverages

Progressive covers many options from standard auto insurance to add-ons such as gap insurance and roadside assistance.

2.    Competitive Pricing

Progressive comes with competitive rates that allow policyholders to personalize their coverage to match their budget.

3.    User-Friendly Online Services

Progressive comes with a user-friendly mobile app and website. These services enhance customer service, offering accessibility and convenience.

Potential Room For Improvement

The following are the ground on which Progressive can introduce improvement:

1.    Complex, varying discount

Progressive undoubtedly provides discounts for safe driving but the factor for offering the discount may vary by location and profile of the customer. Since it becomes tough for the customers to qualify, the final cost of the coverage becomes difficult to predict.

2.    Customer service

Customer is something that Progressive has been facing criticism for. It has received reports for offering unsatisfactory customer service they often delay in response thereby frustrating the customers.

Progressive Auto Insurance Coverage Options

Under Progress auto coverage, there is property damage liability, bodily Injury liability, medical payments, comprehensive and collision coverage, and uninsured and underinsured motorists.

Let us discuss them in detail below:

     1. Liability coverage

With liability coverage, usually bodily injuries are covered by helping you to pay for your medical expenses irrespective of whether you are at fault or not.

     2. Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage

This can be proven helpful when you get involved in an accident with a driver who doesn’t have insurance or doesn’t have enough coverage.

     3. Comprehensive Coverage

Any kind of non-collision event such as theft or vandalism can be covered under comprehensive coverage.

      4. Collision coverage

As the name suggests, if your vehicle incurs damage in an accident with any other object then in such cases collision coverage will cover.

      5. Personal injury protection

Under this, in case of lost wages, you will get coverage.

     6. Medical payments coverage

In case you met with an accident but have progressive Auto Insurance, then you are liable to get insured.

Progressive Additional Auto Coverage

Some of the add-on coverages available are as follows:

    1. Custom parts and equipment protection

This policy is for the protection of unique features such as custom wheels.

  2. Roadside assistance

Emergency services such as breakdown and towing are covered under this service.

  3. Deductible savings bank

In case you didn’t claim during your policy period, this savings money comes into play.

     4. Ride-Share

This policy is for the protection of the Ride-Share drivers.

    5. Rental reimbursement

Under this, the policy for your rental car is usually covered in case accident, your vehicle is being repaired or replaced.


In terms of cons, the following are some of the pros that come with Progressive car insurance:

  1. Highly rated mobile app
  2. Various selection coverage
  3. Competitive prices
  4. Large service area
  5. Offers various discount
  6. Various policy options


Along with its pros, there are certain cons that you need to be aware of. The cons are as follows:

  1. Several Agents
  2. Discounts are in selective states
  3. Snapshot programs may increase the rates for some drivers.

Progressive Car Insurance

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Progressive Auto Insurance Customer Service

It doesn’t have much audience when it comes to customer service. This is because it is known to mainly delay the project which is not something that the customers tend to like.

Progressive Auto Insurance Quotes

When it comes to progressive Auto insurance quotes, it usually depends on many factors. For instance, if you have poor credit and you don’t live in California, Michigan, Hawaii, and Massachusetts then you have to pay more for acquiring the car insurance. You will also have to pay more in case you are either a young driver or have a weak driving record.

As of now, the monthly quotation is about $111 if you have a four-door sedan besides having a clean record. The cost of progressive quotation may be higher than Geico but is less than Allstate.

Progressive Car Insurance Rates by Age

Age is one of the major factors that impact your final Progressive car insurance pricing. Young and inexperienced drivers have to pay more for car insurance coverage because of their lack driving experience.

The below table shows the average monthly and annual cost estimation for a Progressive car insurance policy by age.

Age Progressive Average Monthly Cost Estimate Progressive Average Annual Cost Estimate National Average Cost Estimate
16 $845 $10,139 $7,581
17 $788 $9,457 $5,612
18 $651 $7,812 $4,958
21 $239 $2,872 $2,786
25 $187 $2,243 $2,336

Progressive Discount Description

The following is all about the progressive Discount description that you need to know:

  1. Multi-car discount

If you have listed more than one vehicle in progressive Discount then in such case this multi-car discount can be availed.

2. Multi-policy discount

If you buy more than two policies at the same time then a multi-policy discount can be availed.

3. Continuous insurance discount

If you have been religiously getting insured, irrespective of whether you are doing it with Progressive or any other car insurance provider, you can avail of this continuous insurance discount.

4.  Teen driver discount

When you add a teenage driver to the progressive policy then in such cases teen driver discount can be availed.

5. Snapshot safe driver discount

Under this discount, you will get a discount on how safely you drive.

Procedure To Buy Progressive Insurance

If you want to go for Progressive Insurance then you must follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Talk with a Progressive agent and request a quote. In case of a request for quiet online, you can save up to 7% to 9% of your policy
  2. Take a thorough look at the quote and personalize it according to your needs including deductibles. Simultaneously, ensure that you have all the valid knowledge about the discount such as safe driving and bundling
  3. Once you know what you want, finish up the process by filling out the application form. While you do so ensure that you have provided all of the necessary details

Cancelling Your Progressive Policy

At times due to some reasons, you may want to cancel your progressive policy. Out of many examples, below are some of the incidents that may be applicable for you to cancel your progressive policy:

  1. Storing an antique car
  2. Selling a car and failing to replace it
  3. When the vehicle is paid off and it doesn’t require a comprehensive coverage
  4. A teen moving to college and is not required to drive a vehicle often

Frequently Asked Questions FAQS

Q.1) Does Progressive Car Insurance offer accident forgiveness?

Ans. Yes, in most of the states, Progressive Car Insurance offers accident forgiveness through its loyalty programs.

Q.2) Does Progressive Car Insurance offer full coverage insurance in Florida?

Ans. Although, Progressive Car Insurance doesn’t offer full coverage insurance in Florida, however, it does offer some liability insurance along with other additional and personalized coverages.

Q.3) How can I contact Progressive Car Insurance?

Ans. You can contact Progressive Car Insurance through its website that is, customer service number that is 888-671-4405 and the customer service email address that is

Q.4) What coverage options are offered in Progressive Car Insurance?

Ans. Progressive Car Insurance offers wide options of coverage such as collision, liability, comprehensive, and more.


With its transparent pricing, it becomes easy to compare the quotes with other companies. So if you are someone who wants to get insurance at a cheap price then you may go for Progressive. Hence, progressive is known for offering some of the lowest insurance costs. So if you are someone who’s looking for affordable car coverage then you should go for a progressive policy.

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