The General Car Insurance Review in Florida

The General Car Insurance Company is a subsidiary of PGC Holding Corporation, this corporation is an affiliate of American Family Insurance. The General is known for its quick, easy, and affordable online quote services, which help potential policyholders by saving their time and money.

Now you can choose your desired coverage policy and service options that suit your needs. General Car Insurance provides insurance policies for high-risk drivers and people with poor credit scores. Its coverage includes collision coverage, comprehensive coverage, personal injury protection, liability coverage, and roadside assistance options.

Is The General Car Insurance Good? 

Yes, The General Car Insurance Company is a good insurance agency. They provide car insurance coverage for high-risk drivers with a history of driving violations or accidents. They also sell car insurance from companies like Permanent General Assurance Corporation (PGAC) in Ohio. The overall score is 8 out of 10 because of average rates & excellent services.

It also allows you to file SR-22. General Car Insurance coverage is available in 44 states. It also covers your medical payment insurance expenses for you and your family member who is affected by any automobile accident. The additional protection options also include uninsured motorist coverage and rental car insurance coverage.


  • Affordable quotes
  • Service for high-risk drivers
  • Lowest down payments
  • Strong online system for everything
  • Wide-ranging coverage options available
  • Many Discounts opportunities


  • Penalty if you cancel early
  • Lack of website info available
  • Below-average customer service
  • High premiums for many customers
  • Slow process of claiming
  • Poor communication system on policies and claims.

General Car Insurance

How much is the general car insurance? 

In General Car Insurance the cost of full coverage a month and annually only depicts when you enter the Insurance type you desire and your local ZIP Code. It is a very easy process for everyone to find their cost of car insurance coverage at one time.

According to recent data, $115 is the average monthly cost of car insurance in Florida for minimum-liability coverage and $270 for full coverage. The national average of Florida car insurance rates is $1,385 for minimum coverage and $3,244 for a full coverage insurance policy.

The General Car Insurance Claims 

To report a Car Insurance claim in General is so simple. In the case of any accident or car crash, General Car Insurance will assist you clearly with your car insurance claim and guidance for the process easily.

  • You should first visit the .
  • If you are an existing customer of The General Car Insurance then,
  • File a new claim or even check an existing claim in the process.
  • Click to file or view the insured claim to start the filing process.
  • If you are not insured with The General Car Insurance then,
  • You will be eligible for filing a third-party claiming process.
  • Click to file a Third-Party Claim to start the filing process.

Does the general car insurance have a grace period? 

Since 2011, In Florida Statutes, every car insurance company must provide a sufficient amount of grace period. The minimum Grace period for every policy is as follows:

  • Weekly Premium Policies – 7 days
  • Monthly Premium Policies – 10 days
  • All Other Policies – 31 days
  • Grace period for New Cars

The grace period for a new car is start from 7 days to 30 days. This is the basic amount of time where an insured driver can drive his/her new car before adding it to an existing policy.

  • Grace period for Premium Payments

In 2023, according to the new amendment in Florida Statutes, the grace period for payment of any premium is start with 30 days. The insurer can also charge an interest charge which can be up to 8% per year.

The General Car Insurance Quote 

All insurance quotes from The General Car Insurance can be received online through their website ( It is so because the company has no agents. All you need is to fill in some basic personal information and then sign in. Then for your how many drivers do you want on the policy? Then select the coverage levels and limits on the last screen for comparing the different prices.

Driver Profile Coverage Type Policy Cost
Young driver Minimum liability $58.75 per month or $682.58 per year
Young driver Full coverage $309.42 per month or $3,940.58 per year
Adult Minimum liability $45.12 per month or $524.48 per year
Adult Full coverage $201.23 per month or $2,369.20 per year


The General Car Insurance Phone Number 

The General Car Insurance is open 6 days a week for customer service hours and 24 hours * 7 days a week for claim department contact.

For Customer Service

Contact number: 1-844-328-0306


  • Monday – Thursday: 7 AM ‑ 9 PM CT
  • Friday: 7 AM – 8 PM CT
  • Saturday: 8 AM – 4 PM CT

Mailing Address: 2636 Elm Hill Pike, Suite 510, Nashville, Tennessee 37214

Claim Department:


Contact number: 1-800-280-1466

Fax: 1-800-544-9021

Report a new claim 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The General Car Insurance Customer Service 

The General Car Insurance has provided a below-average customer service. They provide car insurance coverages which are slightly premium for cost-efficient customers. Their services are the best and most convenient for everyone. Every person can do their car insurance coverage within their home.

The General Car Insurance Roadside Assistance

The General roadside assistance service is specially designed to get you back on the unsure days on the road after an emergency. This best service plan is administered by Nation Safe Driver (NSD) which provides you a round-the-clock service and towing if any operational issues or break-down happen or you find yourself stranded. The General roadside assistance service is not part of any car insurance policy, but the fee is included as a convenience fee.

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