USAA Car Insurance Review in Florida


USAA was founded in 1922 and is a San Antonio-based insurance company. USAA Car Insurance is known for offering not only financial products but also services to people who belong to the military community, such as military people and their immediate family members.

It has been over 100 years ever since the company is in business. It is known for offering top-notch customer satisfaction. It is known for offering high rates along with good coverage options across the country. If you qualify for the coverage then it is said to offer some of the cheapest auto coverage to the military people across the country.

Who is eligible for USAA Car Insurance?

Certain criteria need to be met if you want to enjoy the benefits of USAA Car insurance. The following people are liable for getting USAA Car insurance:

  1. U.S. military, active or retired veterans. These people are honorably separated members.
  2. The members’ spouses, widowers, widows along with un-remarried former spouses
  3. Their children include both their biological as well as their stepchildren.


Out of the many benefits that it offers to its customers, a few of them are mentioned below:

  1. It is known for having a highly rated-flexible mobile app
  2. In the case of rideshare, the coverage is easily available
  3. Low rates insurance is offered to people who belong to the group of young drivers, DUI, and seniors.
  4. Multiple coverage types are offered to not only the military members but also their immediate family members. The insurance includes umbrella insurance auto insurance, flood insurance, and more
  5. USAA is known to have solid financial stability.


With pros, there are certain cons that you need to be aware of. Let us learn more in detail:

  1. Membership and coverages are only for military people and not for non-military people
  2. It doesn’t offer gap insurance
  3. When it comes to bundling savings, it is only 6%
  4. In terms of usage-based insurance programs, it is available in only selected states.

USAA Car Insurance Review in Florida

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Credit Score and USAA rates

Credit scores tend to affect multiple life aspects like credit card, loan rates, and interest rates. In the same way, credit score has some tendency to affect insurance rates too. States like California prevent the insurers from using this factor to calculate the rates. However, some states enable auto insurance companies to use credit scores.

According to many insurance companies, if the driver has a good credit score then he won’t have to file a claim and won’t have to pay for the potential damages themselves.

Is USAA Insurance Good?

As per studies, it has been found that USSA has surpassed its competitors and is known for optimum customer service. Let us learn more in detail:

  1. USAA Customer Service

It is best known for offering a premium customer service. As per a survey conducted, around 90% of the respondents said that either they were satisfied or very satisfied with the USAA service. The negative side of the company is the claim process of the company.

2. USAA Customer Handling

Under customer handling, USAA has earned overall good marks as it offers smooth service be it filing a claim, or status updates during the claim process

  1. USAA Customer Loyalty

It has been ranked as No.1 when it comes to customer loyalty. According to a survey conducted, around 96% of the respondents say they look forward to renewing their policy.

USAA Car Insurance Cost

According to  USAA insurance reviews, it is known to be one of the cheapest car insurance companies around. The average annual rate is $1,022 which is considered less than any other company. The reason behind it offering such cheapest quote is because the rate differs from the average quote as compared to other insurance companies.

Types Of Coverages Offered By USAA Car insurance

Let’s talk about all the coverages that come under USAA Car insurance:

  1. Liability insurance

In case you are at fault in an accident then the liability coverage will pay for the expenses of the other driver.

2. Comprehensive insurance

If the vehicle of the policyholder gets damaged because of anything other than an accident such as fire, theft, or vandalism then in such case the cost for the damage caused to the policyholder is covered.

3. Collision insurance

Irrespective of whose fault it is, the cost of both fixing and replacing the policyholder’s vehicle is covered under this insurance.

4. Personal Injury Protection

If you and your passengers meet with an accident then the medical expenses for this will be covered under personal injury protection

5. Uninsured/Underinsured motorist coverage

If you are involved in an accident with a driver who has no car insurance or doesn’t have enough coverage then in such cases, uninsured motorist coverage is applicable.

Additional USAA Coverage Insurance Options

Along with the basic coverages, the following are some of the additional coverage insurance options that USAA offers:

  1. Rental reimbursement

In case your car is in a certain shop for covered repairs then you will get reimbursement for your rental car.

2. Roadside assistance

Under roadside assistance, the services that are provided are towing, fuel delivery, and lockout assistance.

3. Accident forgiveness

If you go accident-free for five years with your car, you are liable to get it by purchasing or even for free.

4. Car replacement assistance

If you face any kind of loss then you will be paid an extra 20 percent along with the actual cash value of your car.

5. Rideshare insurance

If you use your Uber for services like Uber or Lyft then you get coverage under Rideshare insurance.

USAA Discount Offer

USAA also makes sure that it offers discounts to its customers which are as follows:

  1. Multi-Vehicle Discount

If a person insured more than one car then a multi-vehicle discount is offered to them.

2. New Vehicle Discount

If the car is no more than three years old then this discount is offered to them.

3. Vehicle Storage Discount

If the customers store a certain vehicle that they have insured through USAA then this discount is offered to them.

4. Annual Mileage Discount

This discount is mainly available for people who drive a lesser number of miles annually.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1) USAA Car Insurance a good insurance company?

Ans. If you have the required military connection to get it, USAA.

Q.2) Who should get USAA Car Insurance policies?

Ans. Anyone eligible for membership can get USAA insurance policies.

Q.3) Who is eligible for USAA Car Insurance membership?

Ans. USAA Car Insurance membership is only applicable to people who have military connections like members who are active, retired, or separated veterans. Their immediate family members can also get USAA membership.

Q.4) Is USAA Car Insurance good at paying its claims?

Ans. According to sources since USAA Car Insurance has a record of having happy customers, it is good at paying their claims.


Hence USAA Car Insurance is known to offer auto coverage at an affordable rate. The only drawback that it comes with is that it’s not available for all the people and only to the selected group ( military people and their families) of the population. Hence this was all there was to know about USAA Insurance company. Now that you have all the knowledge about the company, you are all set to decide if you are fit to get insurance or not.

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