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With the usage of commercial trucks, there come risks for cargo, drivers’ operators, and more. Say trucks or 18-wheelers in Florida then you need to ensure that you have the right Florida commercial Truck Insurance. Hence, if you are someone who is engaged in the usage of large trucks.

This can be effectively prevented with the help of Florida commercial Truck Insurance. That ensures that you and your business are protected from any forthcoming damage. Irrespective of whether you need insurance for your single truck or an assembly of twenty vehicles, with the right commercial truck insurance, everything will be covered.

Types of Florida commercial Truck Insurance:

The following are the types when it comes to Florida Commercial Truck Insurance:-

Dump Truck/Operator Insurance

The dump trucks and their drivers often stand the chance of facing high-risk situations. So it is important to get covered if you are one of the many drivers who deal with dump trucks. This can be done simply by opting for dump truck and operator insurance that will help prevent your company from any kind of extreme damage or financial loss.

Workers Compensation Insurance

One of the highest measured risks is the employee risk irrespective of whether they are driving a commercial truck or not. This is where the worker’s compensation insurance comes into play which effectively helps in covering the policies of the employees who are working in your company. As a result of this, your employees will get financial security thereby boosting their trust in you and our company,

Cargo Insurance

This is yet another Florida Commercial Truck Insurance. This insurance is for companies that deal with transportation freight and cargo and applies to scenarios in case the cargo has been damaged or lost. Before this, it is important to ensure that you get the right cargo insurance that will cover your assets irrespective of what happens with the load.

Liability Insurance

This is considered to be one of the most crucial types of coverage that will protect your company’s interests. So no matter what the financial problem, with liability insurance you can be rest assured that your company’s interests are safe and sound.

Florida commercial truck insurance


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Florida commercial truck insurance – Uninsured Motorist (UM)

In case your vehicle is damaged or you get injured in an accident, Florida trucking insurance will ensure that your injuries and damages charges are covered. This type of insurance is for people who hardly have any auto insurance coverage. As far as uninsured motorists are concerned in Florida, you are liable to pay for the medical coverage only and not the property damage.

Additional Insurance Coverage

Some truckers enjoy the leverage of other types of insurance when it comes to Florida commercial truck insurance and they are as follows:-

Collision Coverage

If the truck gets damaged due to a collision, the liability insurance pays for such kind of damages to the other part. However, under these circumstances, it is a must that you have no-fault insurance.

Healthcare Payments

there are trucking companies that offer this insurance where they usually cover the medical injury charges for up to $10K.

Hired Truck Insurance

if the trucker uses a truck that is neither registered in his name nor belongs to him is covered under this type of insurance policy.


when it comes to towing a truck from an accident scene then it may be quite expensive, this is where towing insurance comes into play. Through this type of insurance, the towing charges as well as any related services will be easily covered.

Personally Owned Truck

The truckers who use their vehicle for their truck but for some commercial businesses are generally covered under this type of insurance policy.

Procedure to Get Commercial Trucking Insurance in Florida

The following is the set of procedures that you need to stick to to get Florida commercial truck insurance:-

Form Fill-up

The first step for getting commercial truck insurance is filling out the form. Here you need to submit all the asked credentials through online mode. Some of the common information that you may be asked for are your name, your location, your contact information, and your business.

Contact an Agent

After filling out the form, you will be contacted by an agent. All your queries will be resolved at this stage before reaching an informed decision.

Get a Quote

After you are familiar with all of your insurance needs and preferences, you will be provided with certain quotes that you need to take under consideration. This very quote will be a reflection of your policies along with the rest of the influential information for instance the cargo you transport, the variety of vehicles that you operate, and such.

Get Covered

After you have made an informed decision about your quote, you are all set to sign your policy to implement it, and voila! You are all set.


Q.1) What is the cost of commercial insurance?

Ans- The cost of commercial insurance depends on several factors namely truck types, fleet size, workforce size, distance traveled, driver experience, and such.

Q.2) What are the limitations of Florida commercial Truck Insurance?

Ans- the limitation when it comes to Florida commercial Truck Insurance may vary on different factors depending on cargo type, truck weight, and even the distance traveled.

Q.3) What are the requirements for dump truck insurance in Florida?

Ans. To get dump truck insurance, some of the policies that are to be obtained are commercial auto, umbrella insurance, general liability, workers’ compensation, and such.

Q.4) What are the agent’s roles in getting commercial truck insurance?

Ans- Insurance agents will help provide you with the right and valuable information and guidance when it comes to choosing commercial truck insurance.


The Florida commercial truck insurance has been made mandatory by law and is reasonable and fair. When it comes to compensation amount in case of truck accidents in Florida, it may vary as per the relevant factors for instance injury severity, level of damage to the property, and pain. So, now is the time you should stop overpaying when it comes to commercial insurance programs that don’t even cover your entire business.

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