GEICO Car Insurance Review in Florida

Having valid car insurance is termed as the most responsible thing that you as a driver can do. For this, there are several car insurance companies. It’s important to choose the right company depending on your preference. One such company is GEICO which is known as the second-largest insurer in the entire U.S.

Geico Car Insurance Review In Florida is also known for offering the best customer satisfaction. Along with its coverage options, it is known for offering cadd-on add-ons like emergency roadside assistance, rental car reimbursement, mechanical Breakdown insurance, and more. The rates of this insurance are dictated by the type and coverage amounts.

Geico Car Insurance Review In Florida Pros

The following are the pros of GEICO car insurance:

1.    Inexpensive Car Insurance Rates

The prime factor of GEICO is that it offers affordable car insurance rates to its customers. So even though you are tight on your budget, you can easily available this insurance.

2.    Multiple Discount Offers

GEICO offers uncountable discounts to its customers. These discounts may vary on different factors so you need to scrutinize properly and find the discount that will benefit you the most.

3.    Best Insurance App and Website

Born the website and application software of GEICO has been well renowned as the best insurance place. This means you can enjoy a smooth flow of the process as it facilitates easy navigation.

Geico Car Insurance Review In Florida Cons

There are certain cons that you should consider while opting for GEICO insurance:

1.    Not For People With Low Credit Score

If you are a person who doesn’t have a strong credit score then you may not be liable to get GEICO insurance. This is because the company has a strict policy against people with low credit scores.

2.    Fewer Local Agents

The main challenge that GEICO offers is that it does have many local agents of its own. This prevents the agents from functioning in a limited geographical location thereby limiting the company’s exposure to other places where they can potentially grow.

Florida Car Insurance Discounts

People often look for exceptional car insurance discounts that will offer the maximum service. GEICO is known to cater to this need. When it comes to discounts on car premiums, in Florida you can discover military discounts, multi-policy discounts, defensive driving discounts, new vehicle discounts, and good student discounts.

GEICO is well known for offering some of the lowest insurance rates ever. It can be accessed through discounting programs to its students, federal employees, military and more. It also has declared discounts on appliances such as sprinklers, smoke alarms, and home security systems. If you are buying jewelry, you can have a rough idea about your deductibles. The available discounts are as follows;

1.    New Vehicle

If the model of your car is new or less than three years old, you can get up to 15% discounts.

2.    Clean Driving Record

If according to your reports, you haven’t met with an accident for over five years then you are liable to get up to a 22% discount.

3.    Education

If you have completed a rigid driving course then you are eligible for discounts. Simultaneously, if you are a student with a strong academic background, you can avail discounts.

4.    Military

If you are in the military and are an active involver in emergency deployment then you can get up to a 25% discount. Military people like retired military members, active military members, and National Guard or Reserve members can get up to 15% discount on specific insurance coverages.

5.    Multiple Vehicles

If you get insurance for more than one car then you are liable for getting up to a 25% discount on most of the coverages.

6.    Vehicle Equipment

if you have an airbag or anti-theft system installed in your vehicle then you can get up to 23% discounts on your coverage. Apart from this, daytime running lights will get you 3% off and anti-lock brakes can lead to a 5% discount on your insurance coverage.

Florida Insurance Agents

GEICO has spread its insurance agents who will help you whenever you are in need. To get the car insurance phone number, you can visit its official website. You will get the answer to all of your questions as they offer all-time convenience with whom you can talk over call.

Geico Auto Insurance Reviews

GEICO has been rated as 9 out of 10 for being an affordable car insurance company. As it is known for offering cheap car insurance rates, it is the third most insurer provided in the U.S.

Geico Car Insurance Coverage

GEICO offers auto insurance packages, apart from this the below packages are also offered:

1.    Ride-Share Insurance

Ride-sharing insurance can be availed if you use a car both for personal and commercial use such as on-demand delivery and rude sharing.

2.    Mechanical Breakdown Coverage

In situations where there are faulty mechanical parts, the car is less than 15 months old or the car has no more than 15,000 miles on it, mechanical Breakdown Coverage can be opted for. This coverage generally comes with a $250 deductible and you can renew it every seventh year or after every 100,000 miles. The inclusions under this coverage are damages incurred by wear and tear.

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GEICO Car Insurance

Geico Car Insurance Quotes by Age

When it comes to its ratings, the following are the GEICO car insurance rates:

1.    Full coverage

If you want full coverage then you will have to pay $1,238

2.    Minimum coverage

The yearly cost for minimum coverage is around $1,064 where the liability coverages are included.

3.    After a speeding ticket

In case speeding ticket, you need to pay $1,612

4.    With DUI

In severe violation cases such as with DUI, you are expected to pay $2,857

5.    For an 18 year old

If you are a teen driver then you need to pay $3,161

Age Geico Average Monthly Cost Geico Average Annual Cost National Average Cost
16 $442 $5,307 $7,581
17 $304 $3,646 $5,612
18 $263 $3,161 $4,958
19 $20 $2,485 $3,708
21 $154 $1,844 $2,786
25 $151 $1,807 $2,336
35 $133 $1,596 $2,008
45 $132 $1,581 $1,923
55 $121 $1,457 $1,767
5 $102 $1,227 $1,648
75 $121 $1,457 $1,912

Geico Car Insurance Discounts:

According to the Insurance Information Institute, Geico has insured 28 million vehicles. It offers other kinds of policies such as life insurance, homeowners insurance, and renters insurance. Some of the coverages that it offers are RV insurance, ATV insurance, Motorcycle Insurance, Car Auto Insurance, Mexico Insurance, and more.

  1. Multi-policy Discount
  2. Accident-free for five years.
  3. Defensive driving course
  4. Good Student Discount
  5. Driver education course
  6. Military Discount
  7. Emergency Deployment
  8. Airbag Discount
  9. Anti-lock brakes
  10. Anti-theft system


Q.1) How to file a claim with Geico Car Insurance Review In Florida?

Ans. You can either make a call to the Geico claims department or for online mode, you can do it through the website.

Q.2) In Florida, is Geico more expensive or affordable than other coverage options?

Ans. When compared, it was found that Geico is quite affordable than other insurance companies that are in Florida.

Q.3) How much time does Geico take to refund the payment?

Ans. Although there is no fixed time, Geico usually takes around 30 days to refund the payment you have paid through check. In case you have opted for a debit card or credit card payment, you may receive your payment in one or two weeks.

The Bottom Line

Hence, if you are looking for an auto insurance provider then Geico Car Insurance Review In Florida can be the right approach for it. GEICO’s offerings such as low coverage, and customer satisfaction make it an ideal choice.

It is more than just being your budget-friendly insurance company. So if you want to benefit from the above-mentioned advantages then you should go for Geico Car Insurance Review In Florida and if you want something more then it is recommended to take a look at various other insurance companies.

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