How Long Does Insurance Cover Your Rental Car After an Accident?

Car accidents come with a lot of stress and challenges. One of the main challenges is arranging an alternative vehicle if your vehicle is in any maintenance or repair. Most people use a rental car in this type of situation, cause’ this is a great solution. However, you might find yourself wondering How Long Does Insurance Cover Your Rental Car After an Accident?

It can also be possible that you get tired of renting a car or have some problems with the insurance company. Or if you have an accident with the rental car, what will you do? Rental car coverage after the accident and its claiming process generates so many questions. But, if your vehicle was badly damaged in a car accident & that was not your fault, you have all the rights to a rental car paid for by the at-fault insurance carrier.

How Long Does Insurance Cover Your Rental Car After an Accident?

An accident with a rental car cannot be worse enough, but if it’s not your fault then you are not liable for it. You will be able to keep your rental while the damage is being fully repaired. But if your car is deemed a total loss then you have the option to accept the insurance company’s offer. Once you receive that full payment then you usually have 3 to 5 days before the rental will need to be returned.

In the Sunshine State, insurance companies usually pay for rental car coverage for up to 30 days after the accident happens. However, the exact period also depends on the statement of your policy and all other circumstances. And, if your car isn’t repaired within 30 days, you may need to pay for the additional required rental car time out from your pocket.

Key Factors Determining Your Coverage Duration After an Accident? 

Following are some key factors that determine your coverage duration and the length of car coverage settlement after an accident in Florida:

  • The severity of the accident

The impact of the accident can include any bodily injuries, property damage, and occurrence of fatalities.

  • Determining liability

Determining liability in complex accidents and multiple parties involves creating complications as well as taking more time for the insurance company to process your claim. Even the length of negotiations, before you agree on the value of your claim, also majorly affects the settlement process.

  • The complexity of the accident

Complex accidents, serious injuries, and multiple parties’ consent require more investigation and negotiation.

  • The nature of the injury

The nature of injury happens with you or other party also.

  • The serious injury threshold

Even at the time of the accident, any person who gets serious injury affects the case.

  • The availability of evidence and witnesses

Availability of evidence and witnesses required in the case.

  • The parties involved in the case

How many parties were involved when the accident happened?

  • The insurance companies involved

At what rate does the insurance company claim either total loss or rental reimbursement?

How Long Does Insurance Cover Your Rental Car After an Accident

How to Maximise Your Rental Car Coverage After an Accident? 

After an accident, getting a new rental car coverage at an affordable rate is hard to find. But here are some basic tips that can help you maximize the rental car coverage after an accident:

  • Contact your insurance company

Call your car insurance company to find out how your policy covers you most efficiently. Because it determines how much you’re responsible for paying for the damage to your rental car. If you file late your insurance company may deny your claim.

  • Consider supplemental liability insurance

Supplemental liability coverage provides you with more protection if you cause a car accident. It may increase the limit on how much insurance will pay you for the property damage and injuries caused by you.

  • Consider purchasing extra insurance

It will be more considerable if you avoid paying an extra week to the rental company if the car needs to be repaired for a week. You can also buy extra insurance coverage or a collision damage waiver from your car rental company.

  • Check with your credit card company

Some credit card companies also offer collision damage waivers or rental car coverage if you use their credit card when renting the vehicle.

  • Consider looking for accident forgiveness

Some policies even have a clause for accident forgiveness that prevents your premium cost.

  • Consider improving your credit score

Many insurance companies allow you to use credit scores to determine your insurance rates. That’s why it is more consider to improve your credit score.

What are the Policy Limitations and Options When Coverage Ends? 

Rental reimbursement insurance covers the cost of a rental car or transportation during repairs after a covered accident, subject to specific rules and limitations. It includes daily and per-claim limits, such as a $30 daily limit and $900 per car coverage claim. If the rental costs exceed these limits, the policyholder must pay the difference. Insurers offer preset daily and maximum limit choices, varying among providers.


Certain expenses, like gas and mileage, are not covered by rental reimbursement insurance. Policyholders are responsible for additional costs beyond the coverage limits. The insurance can only be utilized when a covered problem necessitates repairs to the insured vehicle, excluding routine maintenance or vacation rentals.  For instance, an AAA policy may offer daily limit choices between $35 and $75, with associated total limits ranging from $1,050 to $2,250.

Understanding these policy limitations and options is crucial to ensure proper use of rental reimbursement coverage. Under the Florida Department of Insurance rules and regulations, it is clearly defined that you are entitled to a vehicle of a similar size and class to the one that was badly damaged in the accident. This article will explain all your queries related to rental car coverage. It will answer how much the insurance company should pay for your rental vehicle after the loss.

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