Top Car Insurance Companies in Florida for 2024

Discover the Top Car Insurance Companies in Florida for 2024. (Best and Cheapest Car Insurance). For car owners in Florida, finding a suitable insurance supplier is critical- regardless of whether you are a veteran or just getting started.

Florida roads are different, so with unpredictable traffic, it is essential to buy a reliable insurance policy. For this reason, Florida law now insists that all vehicles must carry certain basic types of cover which include personal injury protection ($10,000 minimum) and property damage liability coverage equal to at least another $10,000.

As a motorist resident of Florida, the reality is that the state’s driver is a status reflected in his insurance. The average annual premium stands at $2,560, which is far above the national average. For car insurance in Florida, it is important to understand the contributing factors that drive these inflated prices.

  • Driving History
  • Credit Score
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Type of Car
  • Location
  • Coverage Level

It is important to comprehend those elements because different car insurance companies examine risk in different kinds of approaches, that could have a massive impact on the premiums that drivers in Florida are quoted. This is because, even though your credit score can be extra crucial to one insurer, it can no longer be as essential to any other as your age or driving record.

Top Car Insurance Companies in Florida

There exist certain insurance corporations that have consistently verified their superiority in providing complete insurance, quick consumer assistance, and cheap costs. Below is Lista  of Car Insurance Companies in Florida

  • Travelers
  • Geico
  • Progressive
  • USAA
  • Allstate Corp.
  • State Farm
  • Farmers
  • Liberty Mutual

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Best Car Insurance Companies in Florida

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Best Car Insurance Companies in Florida

Best Car Insurance Companies in Florida Name Average yearly premium
Geico $1,353
Progressive $1,642
State Farm $1,480
Travelers $1,668
USAA $1,361


Geico is recognized by the industry as a top carrier that charges fair rates for its full range of car insurance policies. They offer reasonable premiums, excellent client support, and a practical user interface. For drivers who have not had any accidents recently, Geico offers particularly low auto insurance rates. It is one of the Top Car Insurance Companies in Florida.

With one of the greatest apps for online policy management and quote retrieval, Geico stands out. Geico provides a range of optional add-ons in addition to the standard coverage options, including mechanical breakdown insurance, emergency roadside assistance, and rental car reimbursement. In addition, sixteen distinct kinds of discounts are offered. For full car insurance in Florida, the average yearly premium is $1,353.


Nearly everything with a motor is covered by insurance from Progressive, the second-biggest auto insurance provider in the nation. A greater benefit is provided through Progressive’s loyalty program, in contrast to many other insurers, who automatically forgive minor accidents. It is one of the Top Car Insurance Companies in Florida.

They provide a large range of coverage options, including rideshare insurance and coverage for pets hurt in auto accidents, along with a long list of discounts. Only clients that purchase collision insurance are eligible for this coverage. For complete coverage, the yearly average premium is $1,642.

State Farm

With a strong track record of satisfying customers, State Farm is among the biggest auto insurers in terms of market share. Discounts for young drivers and safe driving are among the thirteen that are available. It is one of the Top Car Insurance Companies in Florida.

If you need insurance and are looking for more than one policy, State Farm is a good option. If you prefer the ease of online policy management, State Farm is also a great option. A full coverage policy typically costs $1,480 per year.


If you’re willing to invest a bit extra in comprehensive coverage, Travelers is a highly recommended choice to consider. Not only does the company offer various discounts, such as bundled packages, owning an electric or hybrid vehicle, and being a good student, but eligible customers can also enjoy lower prices. It is one of the Top Car Insurance Companies in Florida.

Furthermore, these discounts can also be applied to your car prices, and you’ll have access to a range of additional coverage options, such as ridesharing insurance for your vehicle. For complete and extensive car insurance in Florida, you can expect an average yearly premium of $1,668.


USAA is open to veterans and uniformed personnel as well as their immediate families. Those eligible to join USAA include anyone with links back to US military service: present and former uniformed personnel, as well as their spouses and children. A variety of discounts are available to members, such as legacy, good student, and multi-vehicle/policy discounts. It is one of the Top Car Insurance Companies in Florida.

Apart from imparting low-priced costs and customized insurance options for situations, like those involving energetic-duty employees, customers can also access an easy-to-use mobile application; USAA is a top choice for lots of other coverage categories and offers pay-as-you-drive car insurance. The average annual fee of the entire insurance is $1,361.


Q.1) Which is the best car insurance company in Florida?

Ans. In Florida, Geico is the best provider of auto insurance. For policyholders on a tight budget looking for standard coverage. Geico might be a good option because of its widespread availability and generous discounts. The average rate for Geico auto insurance is also much lower than the national average when a young driver is added to the policy.

Q.2) Which is the cheapest Car Insurance Company in Florida?

Ans. State Farm is the most affordable provider of auto insurance in Florida. Drivers seeking lower-than-average premiums, excellent customer service, and the personal touch of a local agent may find the company to be a good fit. With its Drive Safe and Save telematics program. It might also be a good option for people looking to improve their driving habits.


An average driver in Florida pays more for auto insurance than people in most states. Still, save yourself some amount by getting quotes from these vendors. A lot of those companies have excellent client satisfaction rankings and reasonable charges.

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