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Everything You Need To Know About Low Speed Vehicle Insurance Florida

low speed vehicle insurance Florida

When it comes to low speed vehicle insurance Florida, you must be insured as this will not only protect your vehicle but also the driver and the rest of the people on the road. Who are by chance involved in an accident.

If you are wondering about the insurance requirements, it is the same as any other insurance. Before that let’s learn what is a low-speed vehicle. It is a gas-powered vehicle or a four-wheeled electric vehicle with having speed ranging from 20 to 25 miles per hour. 

Coverages under low speed vehicle insurance Florida

The following are the coverages available under low speed vehicle insurance Florida:

1. Personal Injury Protection 

Under low speed vehicle insurance Florida, PIP or Personal Injury Protection helps in covering lost wages, medical expenses along funeral costs if any accident occurs irrespective of the person who is at fault.

2. Liability Coverage 

Under this, you will get the benefits of getting coverage for your medical bills along with any other relevant costs that are associated with the accident for which you are responsible.

3. Comprehensive Coverage

If you meet with any non-collision events such as vandalism, disastrous natural events, or theft, comprehensive coverage comes into play. With this, you are ensuring financial safety in case of your loss of a low-speed vehicle.

4. Property Damage Liability

Under Property Damage Liability, if any accident happens and the insured low-speed vehicle is at fault and damage is caused to someone else’s property such as a vehicle or anything then this coverage will help in paying for the damages. In a nutshell, with this coverage, both the people and property will be protected financially in case of accidents.

5. Collision

Under collision coverage, if your low-speed vehicle is well insured and it meets with an accident then it will effectively help in covering costs that will be used for repairing and replacement of the very insured vehicle. This is a helpful coverage component as low-speed vehicles are used by many and ensuring this coverage will help in reducing the risks of stress in case any kind of collision event takes place.


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Procedure to get LSV Insurance 

The following is said to be the procedure for getting low speed vehicle insurance Florida:

1. Be Thorough With Florida Requirements

It’s important that you know and comply with Florida rules and regulations. Make sure that you know what are the minimum coverage options that have been made compulsory by the state and ensure that you get the same.

2. Gather information on Vehicle

The next step when it comes to low speed vehicle insurance Florida is to gather ample information about your vehicle including the year it was manufactured, its model, and the vehicle identification number. This VIN or vehicle identification number is important when you plan to go for insurance quotes.

3. Request for Quotes

The next step is that you get quotes from multiple insurance companies and compare those quotes. When you are comparing quotes, ensure that along with comparing the price, you are also comparing the coverage options, limits, deductibles, extra features, and discounts. This thorough analysis will help you in getting the optimum benefit from the insurance.

4. Go For Coverage Options

Narrow down your needs and go for coverage options that satisfy your needs. As we are talking about low-speed vehicle insurance coverage, some of them are PIP or personal injury protection, Liability coverage, uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. Additional coverages are composed of collision and comprehensive coverage, all of which are mentioned above. This analysis will help you in getting the best coverage.

Complete and Submit Application 

After you have chosen the insurer, ensure that you have filled out the insurance application form. While filling and submitting the application and relevant documents make sure that you have entered the correct credentials and submitted the relevant documents. In terms of documentation, some of the documentation that you may be asked for are ownership proof, driver information, and such.

1. Make Payment 

You need to be thorough with the terms and conditions of the insurance and only after that, you need to move forward with the initiation of the payment. After you have made the payment, your low-speed vehicle insurance will be activated.

Some Safety Tips

Below are some of the basic safety tips that you ought to follow while driving an LSV:

1. Be thorough With Your Vehicle

While you are purchasing any low-speed vehicle, you must be mindful of what you are buying. Make sure you have asked questions relevant to the vehicle. If needed, you can refer to the vehicle’s manual and get all the needed information from there.

2. Be Alerted On Your Passengers Numbers

There is a limit to the number of passengers that are supposed to be accommodated in a vehicle, so you need to be mindful of that as well. Hence, you must accommodate the right number of passengers in your vehicle.

3. Do Not Be Distracted While Driving

Everybody knows that distraction is dangerous so make sure you aren’t distracted. Irrespective of what happens, make sure you don’t divert your attention to anything else than the road.

4. Follow Traffic Rule

This is a basic road etiquette to follow while on the road.  So, ensure that irrespective of whether you are driving the vehicle or are seated in the passenger seat, follow the traffic rules.


Q.1) What are the eligible vehicles for low speed vehicle insurance Florida?

Ans. Under LSVs, the eligible vehicles are gas-powered, electric vehicles. These vehicles come with a maximum speed limit of around 25 mph.

Q.2) What is the cost of getting low speed vehicle insurance Florida?

Ans. The cost of LSV insurance may vary greatly depending on several factors such as driving history, location, model of your LSV, and more.

Q.3) What are the requirements for low speed vehicle insurance Florida?

Ans. Although the requirements may vary from state to state many states demand the LSV owner to have liability insurance coverage.


When it comes to low speed vehicle insurance Florida, it is important because it’s the law. Not just that, every low-speed vehicle must be registered with the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. While you are getting your vehicle registered, ensure that you have insurance coverage.

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