IPhone how to block emails: The Ultimate Guide


The Ultimate Guide for iPhone how to block emails

If you are an iPhone user and want to know iPhone how to block emails, then this article is for you. Here you can get the information on blocking Emails in detail.

Iphone how to block emails: On an iPhone, there are several different types of email blocking or filtering options available to manage your email inbox effectively. 


IPhone how to block emails


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Understand the Different Types of Email Blocking

These options allow you to prevent certain emails from reaching your inbox or
redirect them to separate folders. Here are the main types of email-blocking
features you can use on an iPhone:


 1. Filter Unknown Senders: iOS has a built-in option to
filter emails from unknown senders. When this feature is enabled, emails from
people who are not in your contacts or with whom you haven’t interacted will be
filtered into a separate “Unknown Senders” folder. To enable this feature,
go to Settings > Mail > Threading, and toggle on the “Filter Unknown
Senders” option.


 2. Block Sender: This feature allows you to block emails
from specific senders or domains. When you block a sender, their emails will be
automatically sent to the “Blocked” or “Junk” folder, and
you won’t receive any notifications for those messages. To block a sender, open
an email from them, tap on the sender’s name or email address, and select
“Block this Contact” or a similar option.


 3. Third-Party Email Apps: If you prefer a more customizable
email-blocking experience, you can also consider using third-party email apps
available on the App Store. These apps often offer advanced filtering and
blocking options, allowing you to set up complex rules and customize your email
organization to a greater extent.


 4. Mail Rules: Mail rules are more advanced email filtering
options that allow you to create specific criteria for managing your incoming
emails. With rules, you can filter emails based on sender, subject, content,
and other parameters. However, as of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021,
creating mail rules directly on an iPhone is not supported. 


 5. VIP Senders: VIP (Very Important Person) senders allow
you to prioritize emails from specific contacts. You can mark certain contacts
as VIPs, and their emails will appear in a separate VIP mailbox. To add a contact
to the VIP list, open an email from them, tap on their name or email address,
and select “Add to VIP.”


 Block Emails from Specific Senders

 To block emails from specific senders on an iPhone, you can
follow these steps:


Open the “Mail” app on your iPhone.

Locate an email from the sender.

Drag left on the email to reveal the options

Tap on “More” (represented by three

A new option will appear at the bottom of the
screen. Tap on “Block this Contact.”

You will see a confirmation pop-up asking if you
want to block the sender. Tap “Block Contact” to proceed.

 The email sender will now be added to your blocked list, and
all future emails from that sender will be automatically moved to your
“Blocked” folder.


 Block Emails from Unknown Senders

 To know iPhone how to block emails, from unknown
senders on an iPhone, you can follow these steps:


 Open the Mail app on your iPhone.

Go to your inbox or any other mailbox where you
receive emails.

Locate an email to the sender that you want to properly

Drag left on the mail to get options.

Tap on the “More” option.

A menu will show different options. Tap on “Block this
Contact” or “Mark as Junk” (the specific option may vary based
on your iOS version).

If you choose the “Block Contact option,” a
confirmation pop-up will show. Tap “Block Contact” to block emails
from this user.

If you choose “Mark as Junk,” the email will be
moved to the Junk mailbox, and future emails from this sender may also be
filtered as junk.

Repeat the process for any other emails from unknown senders
that you want to block.

By following these steps, you can effectively block emails
from unknown senders on your iPhone and reduce unwanted messages in your inbox.

 Block Emails from a Specific Domain

 To block emails from a specific domain on an iPhone, you can
follow these steps:

Open the “Settings” app on your

Scroll down and click on the “Mail”

Tap on “Blocked” or “Blocked
Senders” (depending on your iOS version).

Click on “Add New…” or Add Email or

Enter the domain name of the email address you
want to block.

Tap on “Done” or a similar option to
save the changes.

 Manage Your Blocked Senders List

To manage your blocked senders’ list on an iPhone, follow
these steps:

Open the Settings app on your iPhone’s home

Drag down and tap on the Mail option.

Under the “Mail” section, tap on
“Blocked” (or “Blocked Sender List” on older iOS versions).

From here, you have two options:

 Add a sender to the blocked list:

 Tap on “Add New…”.


Select the contact or enter the email address of
the sender you want to block.

Tap on “Block this Contact” to


You would need to set up mail rules on a Mac or through a webmail interface (e.g., iCloud.com, Gmail.com), and they will be applied to your iPhone’s Mail app as well.  Remember that the availability and specific steps for these features may vary depending on your iOS version and email service provider.

Please keep in mind that the steps mentioned above may differ slightly depending on the version of iOS installed on your iPhone to know iPhone how to block emails,

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