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Insurance for antique cars in Florida

Insurance for antique cars in Florida

Owning an antique car is an honour in itself knowing all the efforts you have put into acquiring that car. When it comes to insurance for antique cars in Florida, we will be learning more about it in this article.

To protect your car you must get it insured and by insurance, it doesn’t mean the standard one that you are usually available. Rather, there are certain specific insurance that are available for antique cars because of their rare availability. This special type of insurance is known as insurance for antique Cars.

Eligibility Criteria for insurance for antique cars in Florida

The following are the eligibility criteria that one must meet if one wants to opt for insurance for antique cars in Florida:

  1. Candidate must be 25 years of age or above
  2. Candidate must have a clean slate when it comes to driving report
  3. Candidate must have five years of driving experience
  4. It’s appreciable if the candidate has no violation record in these three years. Yet, if they have then it must be no more than one at-fault accident.

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Antique Car Insurance Coverages Inclusion

The following are the inclusions under insurance for antique cars in Florida:-

Property Damage Liability Coverage

In case you are involved in an accident and if some extent of damage is incurred by the other driver then it is covered under property damage liability coverage. It also helps in settling any kind of legal costs that you have potentially incurred.

Bodily Injured Liability Coverage

If you are involved in an accident and the other person has incurred injuries because of your actions then bodily injury liability coverage comes into play where it also shoulders the responsibility of any kind of legal expenses as well as funeral costs in case you have been sued because of the accident.

Collision Coverage

As the name suggests, if your car collides with another object or let’s say vehicle then in such case you are liable to get coverage for the incurred damages.

Comprehensive Coverage

When your antique car is lost or even damaged because of any kind of incident that is not related to traffic or collision then under such a scenario, comprehensive coverage helps in paying out the repair as well as replacement costs of your antique car.

Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist Coverage

Ubee this, if an uninsured or Underinsured motorist has hit you and you have incurred any kind of damages then in such case you are liable to get coverage for yourself as well as your fellow passengers.

Insurance for antique cars in Florida

What are the Optional Coverages That Are Covered Under Antique Car Insurance?

Certain optional coverages may get covered under the insurance for antique cars in Florida. They are as follows:

Roadside Assistance

In case your vehicle is not in a condition to move and needs to be towed then in such case roadside assistance is provided where your vehicle is transported to the nearest workshop. Here, the policy plays a role in covering for actions such as hiring a tow truck so that no wear and tear occurs during the transportation process.

Enhanced Replacement Costs

If the price of your antique car is extended than the agreed amount then in such case, the differential amount is covered under this policy.

Medical Reimbursement Coverage

If there is an accident where your car is involved then in such case the policy helps cover your medical expenses for the potential injuries that have occurred to you.

Antique Car Insurance Coverages Exclusions

The antique car insurance doesn’t cover your vehicle if you are using it regularly for daily errands. So, if you are someone who’s using his antique car for regular purposes then you should get the standard form of insurance. Other than this if you use antique cars on the racetrack then it is not covered under antique Car Insurance Coverage as well.

Some policies come with certain mileage limitations and it is your responsibility to find out if your vehicle fits that limitation or not. Lastly, some policies limit your usage of your car. They may only allow their policy if you use the car on special occasions like parades, special events, exhibitions, and such.

Factors Considered for Antique Car Insurance

Provided that antique cars’ worth tends to increase over time rather than decrease, be mindful that you opt for a policy that will be flexible enough for you to include your coverage limits. Below are some of the factors that are considered for insurance for antique cars in Florida:-

Car’s Worth

Under antique Car Insurance, the worth of your car will be covered at the specific value on which both you and your insurer have mutually agreed. This can be dealt with car appraisal where you will get an exact figure of the worth of your car.

Specialized Restoration of Repair

When it comes to antique cars, they tend to need special treatment which is why it’s a wise decision to take them to the right auto shop cause we don’t want to adverse the condition of your car. Hence, you must choose a policy that gives you the liberty to pick up the right specialist irrespective of the fact that the cost is more than the traditional shops.

Spare Parts and Special Towing

Flatbed towing should be covered under your policy which will hence protect your car from incurring additional unwanted damages. If the situation of covering the worth of replacing the valuable elements such as the engine arises, the policy should cover that as well.

FAQs ( Frequently Asked Questions)

Q.1) Which one is expensive regular coverage and classic car insurance?

Ans. Since classic car insurance is tailored to the needs and wants of customers, it is more expensive than regular coverage.

Q.2) Does insurance for antique cars in Florida have mileage limitations?

Ans. Yes, there are restrictions on mileage in insurance for antique cars in Florida

Q.3) How can my car be identified as an antique car in Florida?

Ans. If your car is specifically labelled as antique and is more than 30 years old then it can be rightly called an antique car in Florida.

Ending Note

Hence, you mandatorily need insurance if you want to drive your antique car safely and freely without worrying. If you don’t get insured and drive uninsured then you may face lethal problems. At times you may land in legal trouble as well. With the insurance for antique cars in Florida, you will be free to drive your special car.

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