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All About Garage Liability Insurance Florida

garage Liability Insurance Florida

People who are engaged in the business industry may often have come across the term ‘Garage Liability Insurance Florida’. It is a kind of insurance that offers coverage for businesses or firms that mainly deal with storing, usage, repairing, performing, and selling of the work related to vehicles stored or operated vehicles.

The main focus of Garage Liability Insurance Florida is to offer optimum security from any injuries or potential damages that may occur if and when you store your vehicle in your garage. Some of the other related issues that can be covered under this policy are work done on the vehicle.

What are the Coverages Under Garage Liability Insurance Florida?

The following are the Coverages Under garage liability insurance:-

1. Property Damage

In situations where there is property damage that is suffered by others, garage Liability Insurance comes into play. Under Garage Liability Insurance Florida, if you get sued for property damage the legal activities such as judgments, settlements, and legal costs will be covered.

2. Injuries

The Garage Liability Insurance covers injuries caused to others such as damage caused to others unintentionally. One such instance is when a customer falls and suffers injuries in your garage. However, one exclusion is that no coverage will be there for injuries caused to your employees as this will be covered under workers’ compensation insurance.

3. Completed Operations Coverage

In situations after the work is completed and there occur some property damage or injuries because of the work, in such cases garage liability Insurance Florida will be covering the costs. In terms of damages, usually, defective parts faulty repair, or any other problem that is even remotely related to parts is referred to.

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What are the Exclusions in Garage Liability Insurance?

There are some exclusions when it comes to garage liability insurance Florida, they are as follows:

1. Customer Property

In a situation when the customer’s vehicle gets damaged or is stolen while it was under your care, garage liability insurance is under no situation to cover it. Such type of damage is covered under the Garagekeepers insurance policy.

2. Business Property

When we talk about business property, it generally means that the property that belongs to or else is owned by the business such as any kind of tools or computer equipment. In case, the equipment gets damaged under situation, the garage liability insurance is not obliged to cover it. Such type of damage is covered under commercial property insurance.

3. Damage to Work Vehicles

If the vehicles that you use for work purposes under any situation get stolen or damaged, then in such case instead of opting for garage Liability Insurance, you ought to file a claim under a commercial auto insurance policy.

4. Intentional Acts

If you intentionally perform any act that damages your property is not covered under garage liability insurance. However, if you fall prey to vandalism resulting from someone else’s action then you ought to get covered under commercial property insurance.

5. Employee Health Deterioration

If the work in your garage leads to the deterioration in the health of your employees that may be in the form of illness or injury then it cannot be covered under garage Liability Insurance. This is where workers’ compensation insurance comes into play where the medical bills and any other remotely related expenses are covered.

General Liability Insurance Vs Garage Liability Insurance

There is a vast difference between general Liability insurance as well as garage liability insurance.

1. General Liability Insurance

When we talk about general liability insurance, we mainly focus on the potential bodily injuries along with the property damage that is unintentionally caused to others. For instance, damage is caused to the client’s property when you visit their home. Not just that, general liability insurance actively covers claims of reputation harm as well as copyright infringement.

However, one exception rule that general liability insurance follows is that it doesn’t cover any damage caused as a result of hazardous risks that occur in the workplace for example auto service business or a garage.

2. Garage Liability Insurance

Although the garage Liability Insurance policy is the same as the general Liability Insurance policy the exception factor of the latter is inclusionsive in the former’s policy. In simple terms, unlike general Liability insurance, garage Liability Insurance also covers any costs that are caused by hazardous risks that are exceptionally related to the garage.

Garage Liability Insurance Vs Garagekeeper Coverages

Although Garage Liability Insurance may cover property damage and accidental injuries altogether it plays no role in covering the customer’s car while the car is held under your care.

This is where Garagekeepers Coverages come into play. This policy covers the vehicle of the customer while it is held under your care. To be very specific, the name of some of the damages that can be covered under the Garagekeepers insurance policy are vandalism, theft, fire, accidental damage, and lethal weather such as wind or even heat.

Who is Liable for Garage  Liability Insurance?

The following people are recommended to get their garage Liability Insurance Florida:-

  1. Body Shops
  2. Muffler Shops
  3. Auto detailers
  4. Auto dealerships
  5. Auto service station
  6. Auto repair shop
  7. Auto glass installers
  8. Parking Garages


Q.1) What are the available coverages under Garage Liability Insurance?

Ans. Under garage liability insurance, bodily injuries, and property damage as a result of garage operations such as test drives are covered.

Q.2) Is it possible to cover customer vehicles under garage liability insurance?

Ans. Yes, although Garage Liability Insurance covers customer vehicles, however, the vehicles must be present on the premises for operations such as storage, repair, or maybe even servicing at times.

Q.3) Is it necessary to get garage Liability Insurance?

Ans. In terms of garage Liability Insurance Florida, it is a must to get the insurance policy.


If you are wondering about the cost of garage Liability Insurance Florida then it may depend on several factors. For instance, the type of your business, the location where it is situated, for how long you have been in the business line, the coverage and deductible amount, and the history of your business’s claim.

Thus, it can be easily summed up that with garage Liability Insurance, you will be able to enjoy several benefits if under any circumstances accident is caused to your property. Therefore, if you have a garage, you must ensure that you get this insurance to not suffer any severe loss in the future.

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