Best commercial cities in the world in 2023: Top 10

Best Commercial Cities in The World

Whenever you decide to start a business, many important decisions have to be taken, in which the most important thing is the business place, which means in which commercial city you are thinking of setting up your business. Generally, there are only a few cities in every country which are better for any type of business, in such a situation people start thinking about setting up their business at that place. Such cities are very much liked as the main commercial city.

A commercial city contributes significantly to the economic strength of any country, many big enterprises are often seen in this type of city. A business person wants to establish his business at that place, in this article we will know about many big commercial cities.

Best Commercial Cities

What is a commercial city?

Such cities are present in any country, which contains all the resources that are required for a business, all kinds of commercial activity can be seen in such a city, in which offices, shops, businesses, etc. can be seen. Commercial cities meaning is not for any word but it refers to the area of a city or the whole city.

Many businessmen who want to set up their enterprise want to find such cities and start the business at that place thus a commercial city is very important for any business person, apart from this in such area A lot of development is also seen because jobs are also provided to many types of people in this area.

Best business cities in the world

There are many such cities in the world which are business hubs for the whole world, in such a situation many big entrepreneurs are attracted towards this type of city, here we will know about some special big cities which are popular all over the world as commercial cities.

Best Commercial Cities No. 1: Paris

Paris is a famous city in the world, which is known as a commercial city, about 55.7 percent of the companies are present in Paris, where you will get an office rent of about $ 1,093 per sq. meter may have to be given. Since Paris is a western city, its demand is very high all over the world and many investors around the world are inclined towards it.

Best Commercial Cities No. 2: Dubai

Dubai is a wonderful city in UAE, which holds the title of being the tallest building in the world, 56.1 percent of the companies are present in Dubai, where office rent is starting at about $ 524 per sq. meter. By the way, Dubai is also seen as the fastest-growing city, as well as it is also very much liked by investors as a commercial city.

Bestg Commercial Cities No. 3: Madrid

Madrid is a very beautiful city in Europe which is known as a commercial city. Here about 70 percent is related to technology and about 59.6 percent of the total companies are present, $484 per sq. meter to rent the office here. Rent up to a meter may have to be paid. In the last few years, many investors have increased their investment in Madrid, in addition to this, new investors from all over the world are also getting attracted towards this area.

Best Commercial Cities No. 4: Beijing

Beijing is a city where the population density is very high, so the chances of doing business here are also very high, 60.4 percent of the companies are present in Beijing. per sq. meter may have to be paid. The city of Beijing has a dense and educated population where you can see many different types of businesses, so it is right for new investors to be inclined toward it.

Best Commercial Cities No. 5: Moscow

Russia’s Moscow city is a very popular city where a large amount of educated population lives, there has been a lot of growth in business in this area, in today’s time many big businesses people want to start their business here, here about 60 percent Companies present Office rent around $850 per sq. meters.

Best Commercial Cities No. 6: Shanghai

China is a country with the large population in the world, whose main city Shanghai is very popular, which is known as a commercial city, where talking about the best commercial cities around the world, how can you forget the city of Shanghai, here about 61.4 % of companies are present as well as office rent is around $812 per sq. meter.

Best Commercial Cities No. 7: London

A special city of the UK and a city known for its beauty around the world, London is a popular commercial city where 63.2 percent of the companies are present, besides Offices can be available at $974 per sq. meter rent. Although the city of London attracts tourists for twelve months of the year, business owners also want to start their businesses here.

Best Commercial Cities No. 8: Tokyo

Japan is a country that is famous for its fast growth around the world, the climate here is such that things seem to be happening fast here, 63.9 percent of companies are present in Tokyo, as well as the office rent here is about $20,469 per sq. meters. Tokyo is also widely preferred for business purposes
across the world.

Best Commercial Cities No. 9: Singapore

Singapore is popular as a commercial city around the world, so investors from all over the world want to set up their business or office here. Head offices of many big organizations of the world are present here. Singapore has 67.5 percent of companies, as well as the rental office, is available in the range of $ 850 per sq meter.

Best Commercial Cities No. 10: Chicago

It is the Best city to start a business in the USA. America’s Chicago city is well known for being a commercial city, although there are many important cities in America where people think about investing their money, in which Chicago is also an important city if you look at the largest city in the area of America. So, you can choose Chicago for business purposes.


If you want to find the best cities for entrepreneurs, then all these can be better options for you where you can do your commercial work or start your business. Almost many people want to do their business by living in a better commercial city.

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