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Best Car Insurance Companies in Florida

best car insurance companies in Florida

People who are often engaged in driving in Florida must follow the state law. This helps them in preventing in landing in any kind of problem. Furthermore, it’s also best for their safety and to cater to all of this, there are the best car insurance companies in Florida.

 When it comes to hunting for cheap car insurance, it’s not always easy. But with our guide, you will get a brief look at all the car insurance companies in Florida and benefit from the best pricing systems. So, let’s learn all about the best car insurance companies in Florida.

The Best Car Insurance Companies in Florida

Undoubtedly, while shopping for car insurance cost does matter but there are other important factors that you should consider along with it. There are factors such as customer satisfaction rating, and conduction of the process. Below is a list of eight such best car insurance companies in Florida that offer best car insurance:

1. Progressive

One of the best car insurance companies in Florida is Progressive. If you have a DUI then Progressive is affordable for you but if you are going driver then it can be expensive for you. However, there is a wide list of discounts that will help in lowering the insurance rates of Progressive. For instance, based on your driving record if you are labeled as a safe driver then you can get good insurance pricing but if your driving record proves you to be a faulty driver then you will notice the insurance rates to go higher.

2. Geico

Geico tends to be one of the best insurance companies in Florida as its rates are cheaper across the state. Irrespective of whether or not you are a faulty driver or not, Geico offers to get pricing rates. So even if you are a senior or a teen, you must check the pricing of Geico. For instance, if you are a military member or a veteran, you can benefit from a huge discount offer.

3. Allstate

Allstate has bagged the fourth position in the category of auto insurer in the country which is why it has somewhat high prices when compared to the rest of the companies in the insurance market. Some of the features that Allstate offers are vanishing deductibles, accident forgiveness along various other discounts. Furthermore, it has a strong agent network where the company’s agents are present across the country.

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4. State Farm

If you are someone who doesn’t need collision and comprehensive coverage then State Farm can be your best option as it is known to offer one of the cheapest minimum coverage rates to its customers.

5. Liberty Mutual

Although Liberty Mutual is labeled as one of the best car insurance companies in Florida, its prices are slightly higher as compared to its competitors. Its rates can be easily categorized in the expensive range. Here if you want to know the price of your policy then you can adjust your limit accordingly. When it comes to car insurance quotes, can vary based on the profile of the driver.


USAA is known for offering some of the cheapest rates as opposed to its competitors. Furthermore, it is also known to offer one of the best customer service in the insurance company industry. However, in terms of locations they are mostly situated near military bases only and don’t have many in-person locations. Furthermore, you need to qualify for the solid requirements that USAA has set to enjoy the benefits of their policy.

7. Travelers

This is yet another one of the best car insurance companies in Florida. Travelers have a collection of a wide range of auto insurance discounts which is apt for all drivers who have a good driving record. Furthermore, it is also a good option for all homeowners as there is a wide spectrum of coverage options.

One thing about the company is that both the claim handling and customer service tend to be irregular with the company. If you want to reduce your auto insurance rates then it can be effectively done by paying your bill fully and refraining from any kind of accidents as well as gaps in coverage.

8. Kemper

If you have a record of poor driving with several at-fault crashes or speeding tickets, then Kemper has to be one of the best options for you. Although the price of Kemper tends to be higher than usual you can lower it to some level with the help of its discounts. Some of the common discounts of Kemper are discounts offered for taking driver safety classes and lower rates for all teenagers.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q.1) Is it mandatory to have PIP coverage in Florida?

Ans. Yes, in Florida, it is mandatory to have PIP coverage.

Q.2) Is it possible to get a driving license with a poor driving record in Florida?

Ans. Yes, some companies offer licenses to drivers with a subtle loose driving record.

Q.3) Name some of the best car insurance companies in Florida?

Ans. USAA, Progressive, and Geico are said to be some of the best car insurance companies that can be found in Florida.

Q.4) Who is a high-risk driver?

Ans. A driver with a history of at-fault accidents, traffic violations, or DUI is termed to be a high-risk driver. Furthermore, young drivers or having poor credit can also qualify you as a high-risk driver.


Now that you know all about the best car insurance companies, you can select your preference by comparing the prices of the companies. Narrow down the company list concerning your preferences and policies that meet your expectations and after that compare their pricing.

Finalize your choice by picking up the car insurance company that either equates to or exceeds your expectations to get the most benefit out of the insurance policy. Hence this was all about the best car insurance companies in Florida. Now that you have all the information, you are all set to secure your financial safety with your best choice.

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